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Scientific American

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“If you lived in a desert, you’d probably want to live under a rock, too."

Smithsonian Magazine

Fox, Alex. “Desert Moss Beats Heat by Growing Under Quartz Crystals.” 21 August 2020. Accessed 23 August 2020.

“Researchers find the translucent rocks keep the moss moist while letting just enough light pass through its milky interior."

The Guardian

Simons, Paul. “Plantwatch: how a miraculous moss keeps cool in the Mojave desert.” 18 August 2020. Accessed 23 August 2020.

“Sheltering under translucent quartz stones shields the moss from heat, cold, drought and intense ultraviolet rays."

The New York Times

Imbler, Sabrina. “This Moss Uses Quartz as a Parasol.” 29 July 2020. Accessed 23 August 2020.

“In the Mojave Desert, a translucent crystal offers bryophytes much-needed respite from the heat of the sun."

Berkeley News

Sanders, Robert. “Desert mosses use quartz rocks as sun shades.” 23 July 2020. Accessed 23 August 2020.

Radio & Podcasts

Science Friday

Taylor, Christie. “These Moss Are Living Their Best Life—Under Rocks.” 11 September 2020. Accessed 11 September 2020.

WTF, Biology?

Hull, Julia. “Episode 11: Living under a rock has its merits with Dr. Jenna Ekwealor.” 19 May 2021. Accessed 5 February 2023.


Original Music

Goldberg, Ben. “Hypolithic.” PLAGUE DIARY, 1 August 2020. Accessed 23 August 2020.

A clarinet jazz song inspired by hypolithic moss and dedicated to my co-author Dr. Kirsten Fisher and me.