Life under quartz: Hypolithic mosses in the Mojave Desert

Several species of dryland cyanobacteria are known to occur as hypoliths under semi-translucent rocks. In the Mojave Desert, these organisms find refuge from intense solar radiation under milky quartz where moisture persists for a longer period of …

Multiple factors influence population sex ratios in the Mojave Desert moss Syntrichia caninervis

PREMISE OF RESEARCH: Natural populations of many mosses appear highly female-biased based on the presence of reproductive structures. This bias could be caused by increased male mortality, lower male growth rate, or a higher threshold for achieving …

Extreme female-biased sex ratios

Comparing genotypic and phenotypic sex ratios in *Syntrichia caninervis*, which has one of the most extreme female-biased sex ratio of any plant

The combined effects of UV and desiccation on dryland mosses of the genus Syntrichia

Transcriptomics & metabolomics of combined desiccation and UV stresses in two species

The photosynthetic effects of reduced UV on desert moss Syntrichia caninervis

Year-long UV reduction field experiment on *Syntrichia caninervis* in the Mojave Desert