Desiccation and diversity in dryland mosses; The 3D Moss Project

An NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Project; population genetics & phylogenetics of *Syntrichia*

Generation and maintenance of diversity of life history and sexual systems

Although a balanced sex ratio based on sex chromosomes is expected in spores after meiosis, S. caninervis is notable for its extremely strong sex ratio bias and low frequency of sexual reproduction.

Phylodiversity in the Mojave National Preserve

In collaboration with non-profit Blueprint Earth, an assessment of the phylogenetic diversity of a unique region of the Mojave Desert

Stress tolerance in dryland mosses

Mosses and other biocrust organisms have evolved vegetative desiccation tolerance—the ability to equilibrate to dry air, pausing all metabolic activity until rehydration—making them an excellent model system for studying stress tolerance mechanisms.